The holyday farm "Podere i Laghi" is managed from Alessandro Parigi's family.
We are a farmer family, from generations.
The earth is allways been a very important thing, for us from ever.
Alessandro principally cure about the holyday farm, a farmer, that has allways worked in the father's farm, practice of vinegards and olive plants, with that he produces Chianti wine and extravirgin Olive Oil.
Before to became a holyday farm, Podere i laghi was a simple farm, guided from grandfather Davanzato, maternal grandfather.
Since 2000 was given to the nephew Alessandro, with new ideas about what to do with that.
The first thing was to leave the farmer part of the business intact, mantaining the starting spirit of the structure and of who works around that.
He restructured the old grandfather's house, mantaining the caratteristic style.
The dream, in our grandfather's belives is the big patrimony of life and work for the earth that we'll leave to our sons.